Vara Attending PSSR Training in Korea

On 31 / 6 / 2016 VARA’s PS manager Mr. Rasho Mawlood & GM assistant Mr. Ibrahem Dawood had took course of PSSR in Doosan Leadership institute at Korea , the training was about Parts & Service Sales Representative , Customer???s trustful consultant whose job is to minimize customer???s TCO (Total??Cost of??Ownership) by reducing overall repair cost & machine downtime throughout the entire lifetime of customer???s machine.

Doosan Awards To VARA and other Partnership

The Dealer performance committee has announced the top 10 performing dealers based on the achievements made on 2015 KPI (Key Performance Index) with the targets set for sales, AM and PS in late 2014 and early 2015 against approximately 100 dealers in AP/E markets.

With an outstanding performance it has shown, Navigation Trading Agencies (NTA) in Qatar has honorably been recognized as the best of the bests in 2015 and awarded for two years in a row since 2014. In particular, the committee has selected 8 best dealers in terms of operational excellence in AM and PS for achieving remarkable improvements to provide high standards of customer care service. All awardees will be granted with following three different types of rewards that will support their business operation: Product Discount, Product Support and Customer Service Tool. Their success stories will be shared with all our dealers within this year.

We would like to congratulate you on winning the award and we deeply appreciate for your hard efforts and dedication you have made so far.

Doosan Visit to Vara 2015

On 6 / 10 /2015 Doosan ME ??sales Manager ??Mr. Yi ??have a look on VARA activities and Iraqi market closely during ??five days of visit?? , Mr. Yi and Mr. Adnan Mawlood (CEO) were visited some of VARA customers in Erbil , Sulymaniyah , Kirkuk and Dohuk ??for following Doosan machines and looking after?? VARA?? customers , Doosan Representative promised us to get more assistance ??for rebuild damaged cities by offering?? special?? prices for Iraqi Market .

Baghdad International Fair

Participating in the largest exhibition in Iraq is the Baghdad International Fair for the period 1 to 10 November, 2015?? and has been successful show?? , all Iraqi ministries and interested people in the Machinery?? filed???? were there ,?? our booth was?? reserved on special site opposite to?? VIP hall and main entry Gate .?? .

Erbil International Fair

Participating in the Erbil International Fair for the period 5th to 8th?? of October 2015 ??and has been successful show?? ,?? also it?? was good step to show?? Doosan’s name in the Kurdistan region for?? northern part?? of?? Iraq .

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