About Us


Vara Company has been an integral part of the Machinery market in Iraq ???for the last 30 years. From its humble beginning, the company started as ???a small shop selling tractor spare parts. through dedication and ???commitment, the founders soon started making contact with dealers ???and customer in the other parts of the country such as Basrah, Baghdad ???and Mosul. In the 2000s Vara Company officially registers in Iraq and ???started importing second hand machinery from Europe and the Middle ???East. We have customers who have been returning to us for the last 30 ???years. Trust and honesty are two of the principles Vara operates by. We ???treat our customers as our family and we want the best for them in ???terms of quality, value, reliability as well as after sales service.???

Company’s Goals

We are aiming to provide best services and most modernity in all aspects that linked to heavy equipment ,agricultural machinery , spare part and maintenance to our customers and being accepted to Iraqi market and circumstance conditions , this must be applied by accurate choosing of specifications of machines and how it is ??suitable and meets local market needs ??where our main vendors and manufacturers are from EU and Korea ,we are doing our best to maintain on our valuable customers because we believe that is the successful with continuous support in all the time to?? your customers and create relation with new costumers based on customers satisfaction . ????

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